Healing Sessions & Consultations at the Farm

        Serenity Acres Farm is located on a large strata with a high concentration of Quartz.  Quartz crystals are used for Healing,  
Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Protection, Changing bad vibrations and to bring harmony to the life force of the home. It is one of the most beneficial of all healing crystals.  With all this being said, it is no wonder that the Farm is a very grounding, very serene place. The peacefulness can be felt as soon as you arrive on the property. Walking through the woods you will find large rocks, over twenty feet in diameter, where you can rest and meditate. Most of the property is scattered with these large rock formations and as you wander, you can feel the stress melt away.

         At Serenity Acres Farm we offer Reiki Healing Sessions in one hour blocks. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is a practice of energy healing and is very effective. It is used in the private sector as well as by many hospitals. As a Master Reiki, I offer this healing as well as the teaching of all three levels with full attunements and certifications.

        Reflexology is another healing modality utilizing the massaging of the feet and hands to locate areas in the body that are clogged or dis-eased. Since all organs, glands and systems have corresponding points on both the feet and hands, the application of pressure on the appropriate points can bring relief to the areas associated with them.

        Biofield Tuning & Clearing By using the vibrational sounds of Tuning Forks, the "baggage" we carry in our current life is cleared and the Chakras are rebalanced and our Soul heals.

        As a Certified Herbalist, I have been schooled in the preparation of herbs for the most beneficial result. Whether as a tea,  poultice, tincture, salve, ointment or other form of administration, herbs can support the body in amazing ways.

        The foundation of the Farm only adds to the healing that is afforded at Serenity Acres. I try to keep the costs of these techniques reasonable and fair. They are as follows:

  • Reiki Session                                      $65.00 for 1 hour plus discussion time

  • Biofield Tuning & Clearing                 $65.00 for 1 hour plus discussion time

  • Reflexology Session                           $65.00 for 1 session, about an hour

    • *There is a $6 process fee on payments​

  • All of these sessions will include a discussion of herbs, if you so desire.

  • SHAMANIC HEALING WORK- Offering services of Cord Removal, Extractions, Ancestor Healing, Soul Retrieval, Energy Clearing, Property Clearing & Blessing and other life changing healing work. Please contact me to discuss your needs. Pricing at $65.00 per session, which lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Email at serenityacresfarmmail@yahoo.com to discuss your needs.


Reiki Session: I hour

$ 65.00

Includes Reflexology

& Bio Fork Tuning

Purchase & email me

to set up date & time

Bio Field Tuning & Clearing 

$ 65.00

Full Vibrational Sound healing Session.

Purchase & email me

to set up date & time

Reflexology Session: 

$ 65.00

Full session on feet

while you relax

Purchase & email me

to set up date & time