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Reiki Principle #3

Do not worry

During the years between my bankruptcy and my discovery of Reiki, a friend once asked me if I had a wish for the New Year. I said, ‘To wake up one morning without fear.’ So for me to write about ‘Do not worry’ is like being a bank robber advertising burglar alarms. But a recovering one. Reiki gradually brought help. And with it trust. Worries are nothing but lack of trust: ‘Last time something difficult happened, so it might happen again tomorrow!’ Well, it might. Or it might not. If it does, we need to deal with it. Tomorrow. Not today. If it doesn’t, our worries will have been a complete waste of time. I’m sure I wasted years of my life worrying. If worries lead to proper preparation, they have served their purpose. We can let them go and leave the rest to the universe. And we can send Reiki to the problem. It’s easier said than done, of course. Everyone goes through difficult phases and sometimes they seem to last forever. But they don’t. One day they will have passed. And the more we let go of our worries, the more we open to synchronicity. And miracles.

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