• Barbara Denny

Reiki Principle #4

Be grateful

A while ago this principle was the topic of a Reiki Share – and we did a practical exercise too. Every participant was asked to write down five things they were grateful for. Some started writing straight away, some took a moment to do an inner search, but afterwards almost everyone complained that five weren’t enough – they’d found so many more! The good old gratefulness list is a brilliant tool to make us aware that there are things we’re grateful for. We just have a tendency to casually overlook them (the famous glass- half-empty attitude). Once we realize we are grateful, we can often feel an almost physical sensation in our whole body. Our energy becomes the happy vibration of gratitude. A student mentioned that while giving a Reiki treatment once she was overwhelmed by gratitude for the connection. As soon as this came in, the heat in her hands tripled. Gratefulness is an incredible tool for clearing blockages. Do your work with diligence When I first heard this principle, it sounded odd. What is spiritual about focusing on your work? It took a while before it dawned on me that it wasn’t just about work, it was about our whole life. Whatever we do, whatever situation we are in, we need to act with diligence. In contemporary language, this means we need to take responsibility for our life. Where we are may not be our choice, but how we act definitely is. We are never in the wrong place, in fact: we are where the universe placed us. No matter whether we know it or not, we are here for a purpose. We can make the most of it if we apply three basic ideas. Mindfulness. Respect. Honesty. This applies to having a shave in the morning (today I did mine in a rush, and currently sport a little cut), to listening to the person we are having a conversation with (my sister recently noticed that I wasn’t giving her my undivided attention on the phone), and to carrying out our job. Basically, every task will improve if we do it with diligence. And, of course, the more diligent we are with Reiki itself, the more it can change our lives.


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