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Welcome to The Apothecary at Serenity Acres Farm 

      Serenity Acres Farm has evolved over the years. In 2012 I moved to York in the beautiful Piedmont of South Carolina. Nestled in woods on a five acre parcel of land, I knew the moment I stepped onto the property that it had great healing abilities. The land was once the base of a long river that flowed from North Carolina down over this property and south toward Chester and Columbia. Long since dried up for over 125 years, the land still holds the vibrations of the healing water. Scattered with large Quartz rock, the land is welcoming and beckons you to come and explore. To walk through the woods and find a place, a rock, to sit and heal. As a Druid this call to my heart, my mind and my soul.

     Over the years that I have been here, I have added a meditation space snuggled in the woodland garden, a sacred ceremonial area amongst the trees and a sweat lodge on the trees edge. One of the last additions was a 10 X 14 building - which is the Apothecary. This was added at the end of 2021.

      I became a Certified Herbalist in April of 2001 and I continue to expand my knowledge by taking classes and learning from nature. From there I learned the art of Reflexology and Chakra Balancing. For many years I taught Herbal Classes at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont North Carolina, as well as other locations. From how to plant an herbal garden to the herbal medicine cabinet, the classes were fun and well rounded. During that time I also had a monthly column in the News & Reporter newspaper focusing on herbs, their uses and preparations.


      In 2016, I became a Reiki Master and began teaching all levels of Reiki in 2017, in partnership with my Master, Richard Fiallo of Healing Today. I love teaching and passing on the wisdom and healing techniques that have been taught to me. It is funny how one interest will lead you down the rabbit hole and to other healing modalities and interests!


    Back 2001 I became ill and was hospitalized. At one point I 'crossed over' but was sent back. When I was able to come home I knew there was a change in me.... a 'shift' of some sort but couldn't figure out what it was. I just knew that I was now different and my life was going to change. Years later, and via the rabbit hole, I realized I had a "Shamanic Death." This experience had not only changed my life but also opened me up to the intuition and abilities we all have, but often lay dormant in the corners of our soul. As I began to learn about Shamanism, it opened me up to a whole new world and expanded not only my mind, but my heart. I learned to journey for myself and met my Spirit Animal Guides. My path of Druidry allowed me to easily accept and develope as I was accustomed to working with the Wheel of the Year and the Medicine Wheel. Toward the end of 2017 a wonderful woman was put in my path and I began to attend Sound Healings she and her husband put on. After many of those, watching and following her on social media and extended conversations, I began the shamanic immersion offering she was doing. This teachiing began in May 2019 and continued for a year. In this immersion, we gathered in a yurt for four days every three months and I learned how to do the shamanic work for myself and for others. In October of 2020 I began my apprenticeship with her. She is Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing, and her teaching has changed the course of my life.

    Okay, Back to the Apothecary... see? I told you I wander down rabbit holes! Through all of this I never strayed from my love of herbs and my trainings. I actually have incorporated herbs in most everything I teach and do. Since I offer teaching here at the farm, many of my students-as well as others-have requested I add the Herbal Studies again. I also found that I stored my supplies of herbs in every cupboard and draw in my house! So the building was a essential addition. I now have a place to openly work and teach. I will be adding a two part herbal class in 2023 with each part lasting six months. It will encompass not only the basic attributes of herbs but we will utilize the powers of the planets and the elements, along with the astrological signs, to develop an intrinsic profile to aid in healing the 'whole' person. I am so excited to share this segment that I learned from Sajah Popham. I have been a student of his teaching at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and his teaching of the planetary correspondences was the 'missing link' in my own practice. 

      Please enjoy my website, contact me with any questions you may have and if you are in my area please contact me to schedule a visit to The Apothecary at Serenity Acres Farm!

      With regards from under the Oaks,


       Wolf Song Keeper


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