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Healing Box

This hand stained glass topped box is chock full of  healing! Containing:

-5 bags of healing herbs for teas

-3 Healing Therapies

       (Sinus, Relax, Stress)

-4 Healing Crystals

-2 Healing Incense/smudge

-3 Healing Oils

-Candles, matches, holders, instructions

All tucked away in a travel box with a secure closure and handle.

Great gift too!

$65.00 plus $10 special shipping

Magicks Box

This box of Magicks is a perfect travel companion. The hand stained box is divided into cool compartments that hold 3 glass jars for salt, earth & water. 2 tins of incense, sage and palo santo smudge, a handmade smudge fan, candles, crystals, an empty book of shadows for you to fill, a place for a wand and a small lidded compartment with matches, incense holders, etc.

Whether in the woods or in the home, have all your tools together and ready to use.

$85.00 plus $10 shipping

               Healing Pendants
All  Pendants are hand made with HEALING CRYSTALS, and a combination of antler, shells, feathers, metals or clay. They are cleansed, blessed and REIKI ENERGY CHARGED
              Order by Crystal & Style   $65.00 each 
             Select from the drop down below:


Deer Antler 

With the power of the Four Leggeds, the antler is adorned with your choice of crystal. Also added are an array of feathers, smaller crystals and what I am called to add to YOUR special Power Pendant. The Four Legged will aid you by bringing in strength, stamina and wisdom. I will journey to know what you need added.. Just choose your crystal!


With the power of the Water Beings, shells will bring emotional support and a calming, serene atmostphere to surround yourself. Choose your crystal and I will journey to add the rest. All my pendants are original, one of a kind creations!!



With the power of the Rooted Beings, this will bring strength and the ability to withstand challenges. Each tree provides their own special powers to aid you in your walk. Choose your crystal and I will journey to add to your personal pendant. 

Personal Power

With this pendant, I will journey to find what element or animal you need to carry as your talisman pendant. I can do this over the phone, in person or via zoom. Again, it will be a personal item made solely for you!!

I will contact you to set this up.

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