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Silicate. Fire/Water. Chakras 1,4. Will balance Chakras & promote spiritual growth.  Protection, good luck, balance of body/ mind & spirit, perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awaken talents. HEALING: Insomnia, teeth, gums, stomach problems, stamina, insomnia.            $ 3.50
Silicate. Water/Air. Chakras 6,7. Powerful &protective stone with high spiritual vibration. Strong healing &cleansing. Enhances spiritual awareness. Calming & stimulating, as appropriate. Balances highs & lows. HEALING: Endocrine & immune system. Pain reliever. All around body healer. Also the Addiction stone. Can stabilize psychiatric conditions, but not paranoia or schizophrenia.
$ 3.50
SilicateFire/Water. Chakra 4. Stone of prosperity. Absorbs electro smog. Reinforces leadrship and perserverance. Takes you back in the past to find sources of dis-ease. Brings understanding asd to what lies behind conditions. HEALING: Nervouse system, Thymus, balance blood pressure, stimulates metabolism. Anti-inflammatory. Headaches, allergies. $2.50
Silicate. Fire/Water. Chakras- 1,2,3. Use to enhance strenght & vitality. Protection from anger, jealousy and fear. Creativity, manifestation, good luck, analytical capabilities, verbal skills. HEALING: Open sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones,other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, neuralgia.   $4.00
Halide. Water. Chakras 4,6,7. High psychic level protector, shuts off mental influences. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Protects against electomagnetic stress. Draws off negative energies and reorganizes anything in thebody that is not in perfect order. HEALING: Infections, Teeth, bones, DNA damage. Viruses. Pain.
  $ 5.50
Silicate. Fire/Air. Chakras 1,4. Courage, survival, adaptability, release blockages, renewal, strength, victory, aid in
intuitive decision making, abundance. Transform negative energy to positive. Grounding & protection. Encourage dreams. HEALING: Blood cleanser, Intense healing, emotional trauma, anemia.  $ 3.00
Carbonate. Air/Water/ Fire. Chakras 3,7. A powerful Cleanser & regenerator. Carries the power of the sun. Never needs cleansing. Aura protector, absorbs and dissipates negative energy. Stone of abundance, attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  HEALING: Energizing, recharging, reverses degenerative disease. Increase blood circulation & detoxifies blood. Endocrine system, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, eyes.  $ 4.00
 Silicate. Fire/Water. Chakra 1. Supreme nurturer. Sustains and supports in times of stress. Brings tranquility and wholeness. Great healer. Aligns all chakras. Facilitates shamanic journey. Blanaces Yin and Yang. Brings courage. HEALING: Circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. Balances mineral content.
  $ 3.50
Silicate. Water. Chakras 6,7. Alignment, attract success, dreams, reduce stress and anxiety, clarity, spiritual connection, progreassion, Dispell negative energies, transformation,  peace,  psychic development, discernment. HEALING: Stress related illness, sensitivity to cold, anxiety disorders, gout, colds, rheumatic fever, lowers blood pressure.  $ 5.00
Silicate. Water. Chakras 5,6. Manifestation, wisdom, truthfulness, openness, communication, inner power, intuition, spiritual evolution, virility, self-confidence, objectivity, dreams, purity, serenity, Love & fidelity within marriage, protection. HEALING: Sinus ailments, insomnia, depression, recurring fevers, vision, hearing, throat, lungs, immune system.  $ 5.00 
Silicate. Water/Air. Chakras 2,6,7. Introspection, reflection, beginnings, insight, tenderness, harmony, peace, travel,
intuition, psychism, protection (esp during pregnancy, childbirth, travel at sea), substitute for pearl in crystal healing. HEALING: Pituitary gland, digestive system, obesity, water retantion,hormonal problems, menstrual problems. $ 5.00
Silicate.Fire/Water/Air. Chakras all. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Works in a vibrational level (hold in your hand you'll feel the energy).  HEALING: Master healer for any condition. Also use with other crystals to enhance their healing.  $ 2.50
Silicate. Fire/Air. Chakras 4. Stone of unconditional love and infinate peace.  Purifies and opens the heart. Excellent for trauma or crisis. Use to attract love. Will restore trust and harmony. Draws off negative energies and replaces with loving vibes. HEALING: Strengthens physical heart & criculatory. Releases inpure fluids. Kidneys, adrenals, lungs, burns.  $ 3.50
Silicate. Fire/Air. Chakras 1.Grounding & anchoring. Rasies vibrations during meditation. Relieves fear, depression and brings emotional calmness. Aids in self acceptance which will bring flow of good emotions. Will help give clear insight. Good for scrying. HEALING: Naturally irradiated, so good for treating radiation elated illness (only use naturally formed stones). Abdomen, hips, legs. Relieves pain, headaches, cramps. $ 3.50
Silicate. Fire/Air. Chakras 5,6. Wisdom, logic, calmness, healing, stress reduction, aid meditation by stilling the mind, companionship, Help one stand up for ones self, self-esteem, work in groups, heal communication breeches, truth, intelligence, knowledge, learning. HEALING:  Glands, digestive system, insomnia, calcium deficiency, head colds.
$ 4.00
Silicate. Fire/Water. Chakras 3. Combines earth and sun energies creating high vibrational state.  Grounding. Enhances psychic abilities. Protective stone, great talisman, wards off evil. Brings clarity to those who are spacey, internal conflict. Helps heal mental dis-ease.  HEALING: Treats eyes and aid in night vision. Throat, bones, reproductive organs.  $ 3.00

 Chakra Stone Set

This full set of 7 stones correlate to the Chakras.  Use individually in meditation on specific Chakras or all together as a full Chakra balancing. Comes in a travel bag with a Chakra Balancing Meditation sheet and chart.

includes: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Moss Agate, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.

Set of Chakra Stones     $ 22.50

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