Our Herbal Products are created by a Certified Herbalist from organically grown herbs. The Salves are blended with extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E and bees wax. Since they are concentrated, their healing properties are maximized. Only pure essential oils are used in our Insect Repellent, Herbal Bath Products and Teas.


Healing herbal properties extracted and in a easily usable salve. Can be used topically, orally or in a soak.
Solution: Anti viral, fungal & bacterial. Aids in the healing of Shingles, rashes, and many skin conditions; also hot spots, ring worms and fungus.
Comfrey: Has great anitseptic qualities and is used for minor cuts, wounds & abrasions.
Calendula: As an astringent, it will cleanse the skin and prevent infection.
1 oz Jar   $7.50 


Blended with Rosemary Herb for deep penetration into muscles during massage. Reflexology is the therapeutic massage of the feet. Each jar comes with a guided chart to show you how and where to massage for maximum benefit.


1 oz Jar   $7.50











Bath Salts

Combining essential oils with Epsom salts, this is a pure delight in the bath. Wooden scoop included.

Relax Me is lucious Lavender and Soothe me is Eucalyptus.



6 oz Jar   $7.00






Willow Bark Pain Salve
The main ingredient in White Willow Bark is Acetylsalicylic Acid. This also what chemists copy and use in aspirin!! This all natural, organic salve is made from White Willow bark & Goldenseal herb in extra virgin olive oil with the essential oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Spearmint. Organic Soy and bees wax are used to thickin and vitamin E to preserve. This wil not cure what ails but will relieve the pain within minutes!! Fabulous!
a 2 ounce tin will last a long time as a little goes a long way.  $16.00

Herbal Teas

Our collection of loose leaf teas are delicious and can also be used in the bath. Choose from:

Relax Me - a blend of Lavender and Chamomile

Energize Me - with Lemon Balm and Citrus

Soothe Me - combining Valerian & Passion Flower


6oz Tin   $6.00






Insect Repellent

Our all natural insect repellent is a combination of essential oils in a base of witch hazel and purified water. Naturally repells mosquitos, fleas and ticks. Safe for children and animals too! Has a fresh scent and is non-oily.


8 oz Spray Bottle   $8.00