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Soul Realignment

...........Are you ready to manifest abundance in your life? Are you tired of being stuck or continually attracting the experiences that prevent you from achieving success? Then it’s time to get down to the root cause behind the negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that affect you on a daily basis.


            By delving into your Akashic Records, I can examine the negative blocks and restrictions that are affecting you at soul level. Then, by removing them, you will be able to harness your power and create the life you want, based on your Divine Gifts and who you are at soul level.


            I have the ability to offer a comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns. You will gain real explanations for many of your present life experiences. With Soul Realignment, you will experience a profound transformation in your life. You will break the pattern of want. You will begin to attract new, fruitful situations. You will create more of what you want, and break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.


            Stop accepting your life situation as it is and take the first step toward a happy, satisfying life of abundance. I have helped so many people across this beautiful country, as you do not have to be present for me to do this work for you. Create the tomorrow you want today by contacting me for your Soul Realignment!

Soul Realignment  $125.00 (& $6.00 for full, printed profile)

I will contact you after I receive your payment for your information so I can access your Akashic Records.

Property Clearing

Just like us, a physical property can have attaching souls, negative karma and the like that prevents us from manifesting abundance. There may have been a battle on the property or maybe it was used as a sacred site years and years ago. The emotions, feelings and memories are held on the land and need to be cleared. I can do this for you and your family! Whether it is a home you own or rent, your office or business building, or land without buildings; let me help you prepare the way for a brighter future and increased wealth and happiness. Property clearing is $75.00 and I will contact your for the address and tax-map number after I receive your payment.

Property Realignment  $75.00 plus a $6 process fee

I will contact you after I receive your payment for the address and tax-map number.

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