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Crystal Elixirs

How to Create Crystal Elixirs… Safely:

There are great benefits to be obtained from CRYSTAL WATER. The is a company VITAJUWEL GEMWATER and sells wonderful galss bottles withan insert that contains crystals. You can purchase different inserts for different purposes. There are certain crystals, the Quartz family for instance, that is safe to put in water, but there are MANY MORE that are dangerous, toxic and even deadly if placed directly in water and if that water was ingested. Therefore, use the method below for safely making your crystal water. Use our Crystal Chart (under Good Stuff To Read) on my website to create blends best suited for the conditions you are looking to treat.

1.Set a purpose or intention for your elixir

2.Choose stones related to your purpose

3.Check to be sure that your chosen stones are not radioactive

4.Place your chosen stones inside of a small glass container (containing no water)

5.Place this small glass container into a larger glass container that does contain water (the stones NEVER make direct contact with the water, but their energetic vibration is allowed to be transmitted through the glass container into the water)

6.Cover the larger container with a lid or some plastic wrap

7.Allow your stones to sit in the water for the proper amount of time to create a gem water, crystal elixir, or mother elixir.

8.Bottle your elixir, add a preservative (like brandy or vodka), and label your elixir. Do this if you are creating a Mother Elixir or do not plan on using it straight away.

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