• Barbara Denny

Reiki Energy Basics

Modern science has rediscovered that we really are creatures of energy that all matter is composed of atoms which are held together by energy charges, and that matter can be changed by altering the charge of the energy current. These currents regulate our physical body. We can graph and document these currents in EKG's, EEG's, blood chemistry etc.

Physical vs. Energy Body: As a rule, our species is very dim-witted. If we can smell it, see it, touch it, hear it or taste it, then it is real, if not, then it simply doesn't exist. Recent advances in our technology and science have proven that there are many things that are beyond our immediate perception. We don't have to understand them totally to acknowledge their existence or to use the information we do have. We don't need to know all the details on how the TV gets a picture and sound, or how that email message gets to the other side of the world almost instantly. It is enough that we know it works and how to turn it on and use it. Our physical body is interwoven and dependent on our energy body. When the life force energy leaves the body all that is left is a pile of decomposing matter, which is rapidly recycled back into the earth.

Auric Field: The energy currents flowing through us create a charged field outside of our physical body as well. This auric field is composed of several layers and is of variable thickness. It is usually palpable within a couple inches of the physical body. Some people can visualize it and detect color flows. There are now cameras that can capture and colorize the auric field on film. Kirilian photography is becoming quite popular and is readily available at many festivals and events. The aura, or subtle body, connects directly with the physical body in many locations. These areas or vortexes are called chakras. There are numerous minor chakras, but generally speaking, only 7 major chakras are recognized. The chakras act as transformers, converting the energy field into current usable by the body. Chakra Connection: There have been many books written on the subject of the chakra system. The energy channels have been mapped, diagrammed and various opinions argued extensively. This is merely a brief overview on the most commonly accepted principles.


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